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Logo of United Bristol Swimming Club

United Bristol Swimming Club (UBSC) is the leading performance, ASA Affiliated, competitive swimming club in the City of Bristol.

We offer you elite coaching at national, international or university standards and provide you with access to a professionally managed, elite athlete training program.

United Bristol Swimming Club will support you with an effective training framework which personally caters for your individual needs and aspirations.

United Bristol SC Swimming Pool

At UBSC: We are all about the swimmer!”

  • United Bristol Swimming Club supports more than 1000 competitive swimmers in the City of Bristol area as a training partnership.
  • Pools the talent and resources of the University of Bristol, University West of England, a network of ASA registered & swim 21 approved Bristol swimming clubs as well as schools and colleges.
  • Overseen by ex-international swimmer, performance director Jez Birds.

United Bristol Swimming Club welcomes enquiries from all swimmers. Contact the Director of Coaching in the first instance via the contacts page who will be pleased to discuss the opportunities available within the program.  You can also download a pdf shortform prospectus below.



Download this file (UBSC_Prospectus.pdf)UBSC2013[UBSC Prospectus]2492 kB