Category: Criteria

Age Range:

16+ with fast tracking for talented athletes meeting criteria A, B and C as below.

Achievement Criteria:

A) Automatic (space dependent)

  • National top 20 ranking/semi finalist and
  • Proven trainability (ascertained by Coach knowledge/reference on application).

B) Consideration 1

  • National qualification/potential (within 3%).
  • Proven trainability.

C) Consideration 2

  • Minimum 6x district qualification in:
  1. 1 of 200 IM; 200 FS
  2. 2 of 100 fly, bk, brst, fs.
  3. 3 other
  • Proven Trainability.

All performance applications and selections are done at the Head Coaches discretion and entry can and will be based on individual merit.


7-10 Weekly sessions (including land training).


  • High intensity training at stroke /race specialisation.
  • Specialised skills and tactics for optimum performance.
  • Land/weight based conditioning (Muscular strength/power/endurance/speed, specific core strengthening, pre-hab, mobility, flexibility).
  • Quad annual cycles.